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The Darkest Chord (Darkest Nights Series Book 1) by Jenn Bullard
Publication Date: February 3, 2023
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I just wanted to get out of my little town, leave the past behind. I found Turner and Roark, embraced music, and unloaded my pain into my songs. I wanted to show people I could be their voice since I know what it’s like to be small, quiet, and terrified. But what happens when Derek, my former bully, pops back into my life with hurtful words and tries to force me back into my past ? Derek bullied me all through high school and encouraged others to torture me. I haven’t had a safe place until I found the guys and music. Now he thinks I owe him for past wrongs, but I’ve never done anything to him. I wish he’d tell me the reason why he hates me so much so I could defend myself. He makes me think I’m losing my mind, seeing things that aren’t really there—that I've inherited the mental illness that runs in my family. We are thrown together over and over again by fate, and the more I learn the more I see…maybe the villains of my past are really just victims of their own circumstances. The Darkest Chord is book one in the Darkest Nights duet, a dark reverse harem romance. This means that the female main character will have three or more love interests and will not have to choose in the end. This book has a trigger warning for: will be updated soon.
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