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Haret Chronicles Qilin: Books 5-7: A Fantasy Romance (Haret Chronicles: A World of Fantasy Romance Book 2) by Laurel Chase
Publication Date: September 24, 2022
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I just learned magic is real and I have the rarest kind.I'm the last of all the unicorns, and both the good guys and the bad are hunting me now. What they don’t know? I’ve already survived the darkness, and I’ll do anything to keep from going back. Luckily, I’m not alone in this battle. Six sexy men have vowed to fight for me and help me learn to fight back. My protectors are the strongest in their world - dragon, shifter, mage, fae, mer, and vampire. They'll defend me to the death… and together, we'll have seven kinds of fun along the way. This completed reverse harem fantasy series is dangerous, romantic, and full of wicked fun. Carlyle is a feisty survivor who fights for her freedom with an edge of darkness and a sprinkle of humor, taming a sexy harem worth stealing. This steamy adventure through a whole new magical world will have you craving sugar in every flavor of supernatural - with unicorns for the win. This special edition contains Piece of Mer, Piece of Vampire, and Piece of Qilin, with an all-new cover! If you haven't read the first bundle, containing Piece of Dragon, Piece of Shifter, Piece of Mage, and Piece of Fae, please start there! Plus, don't miss the sweet extension of Carlyle's adventure in the Sugar Bites bundle, which contains all seven Sugar Bites novellas.
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