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Her Forbidden Shifters (Mountain Shifters of Colorado) by Lisa Cullen
Publication Date: August 13, 2022
Amazon Book Description

My best friend has been taken hostage by a mysterious group with powers they shouldn’t have.It will take not only myself, but my hot panther partner, s$xy wolf boss, and my best friend’s gorgeous dragon brother to find her. And with the mysterious group constantly stopping us at every turn, the tensions are mounting. Not only the kind that builds as the seconds tick by with us not getting closer to finding my best friend, but also the lip biting, toe-curling, spicy kind that sparks every time I’m around all three men. Unlucky for me, they’re untouchable… and bending the rules isn’t something I am willing to do. But to save my best friend, I will do anything… even break a few rules that should never be broken. Because if it’s one thing I know for sure about this group, it’s they don’t like to leave their victims alive… or any witnesses. The clock is ticking… I hope we won’t be too late.
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