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Monster Slayer: Reverse Harem Monster Romance (Order of the Cross Book 1) by Eve Newton
Publication Date: October 22, 2022
Amazon Book Description

Growing up, I’d always heard the tales of a woman chosen to kill monsters, but I never thought it would be me.

My thirtieth birthday was supposed to be a turning point in my life, it wasn’t supposed to turn it upside down.

Learning that the monsters that lurk in the dark are real, and it’s my sworn duty to hunt and slay them, isn’t exactly how I wanted to celebrate this milestone birthday.

Now, instead of heading out for drinks with my friends, I’m being taught how to fight for my life, but no one told me it’s on-the-job training.

With the help of a new ally and an ancient weapon with a mind of its own, I set out to rid the world of this evil, but soon discover that not all is as it seems.

Dark themed, monster RH romance.

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