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Savage Beasts (Monsters of Hearthstone Book 1) by Alexa Saint
Publication Date: August 3, 2022
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Hearthstone Academy harbors more than just the talented elite. On my very first day I make enemies of three gorgeous and gifted fiends, the so-called campus Gods: Oaken, Rael and Jadon. Who are these esteemed and entitled men? Why have I been singled out as their prey? And why can’t I resist my attractions to these three Gods of Hearthstone? I know they’re hiding something, something I’ve yet to discover, but for now they’ll shut me out to protect their secrets. Secrets I’ll one day have power over. Savage Beasts is Book One in the Hearthstone Academy monster college romance series. Inside you’ll find one downtrodden but feisty heroine determined to gain a better life for herself, a pair of seriously awesome BFFs, and a trio of cunning monsters with secrets of their own, all in a school whose mysteries are yet to be discovered. En pressant into overtures of scalding steam with a slow burn, enemies-to-lovers romance where the heroine doesn’t have to choose! Please note: This is the second edition of Savage Beasts. The first edition was published 10 September 2019. Cover and content have been revised and updated in this edited version.
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