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Claimed Ember Bound: Anchor for the Changed Book Two
Publication Date: March 24, 2023
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My freedom was short-lived, but this time, being a test subject is my choice. To save one of the men called to me, I’m willing to play the Conclave’s game. The sooner this week is over, the sooner I can return to my family and to the three men called to my Sept so far. I want to focus on living, forming friendships, pushing boundaries, and strengthening the bond with my men. But when my birthday comes early, and the rest of my Sept are revealed along with hidden secrets, tensions rise. Factions are working in the shadows to try and break me, forgetting I’m not alone anymore. I have reasons to fight, and those reasons will keep my hope and fire alight. **Claimed Ember Bound is book two of a series which must be read in order and ends with a cliffhanger. It is a slow burn, medium build why choose romance novel, meaning the main character will not choose between love interests. There is sensitive content; please read the warnings before starting the series. Your mental health is more important than pages read.**
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