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The Never-Ending Empress: A Science Fantasy Dystopian Novel (The Empress Chronicles Book 1) by Sarita Laroche
Publication Date: October 10, 2022
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In a dystopian world, Empress Sy rules from behind a golden mask of lies and augury. But a blue fruit that tastes like love changes everything. So who should she trust to help expose the truth: her trusty bodyguard, the charming ambassador, or the rebel General? Prophecy is a dangerous vice. Motivated by an age-old prophecy, a group of dissenters abducts the Empress from the Star Palace, believing she is the foretold Empress of legend. They expect her to lead their rebellion against the IQ, whom she has sworn to serve till the day she dies. But being forced to sojourn beyond the Palace Compound exposes her to millennia-old injustice and reopens childhood heartaches. The rebels' faith in her is seductive. She would like to believe that she could rise above the constraints of her station and make a difference in her world. Nevertheless, how much of the prophecy should she trust when she knows herself to be nothing more than a proxy? Regardless, if she cannot free herself from the IQ, she won't be available to lead anyone anywhere. Are the augurs credible? Are her newfound allies reliable? Is a prophecy worthy of risking everything?
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