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SEALMates: A Military OWYM Reverse Harem Romance (Loved By Three Book 11) by Sarwah Creed
Publication Date: September 30, 2022
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The secret fantasies I’d only ever written about became my reality. After two terrible relationships, I’d moved back in with my mom. Desperate for a bestseller, I jumped at the opportunity when my high school friend, Greg, an ex-SEAL, told me I could attend one of his support meetings and interview some SEALs. Maybe it would inspire me. Meetings like this took place all over the county, and the next one was in the mountain town of Burlington, Vermont. I could have waited until there was one locally, but that could take a lifetime, so I went for it. A drive. A long one. Resulting in not only one SEAL agreeing to be interviewed, but three. Blake was the mechanic with his sexy British accent. Whenever he opened his dirty mouth, all I wanted to do was get greasy with him. Alec, the local sheriff with the smoldering green eyes, gave me the urge to take his handcuffs and tie him up. And Derek, the L.A. stunt man who risked his life on set and made me wonder if he would do the same thing for me… They shared the same house and the naughty part of me wondered if they would share me, too. If they could help me write reverse harem, then I wouldn’t be writing something fictional for a change. What could these hot young guys want with a 40-plus year old single mom? Nothing good for sure! I doubted that, as a single mom way past forty, this would be anything more than a fantasy, yet, as I moved in and started the interviews, I realized that my hot flashes weren't a result of pre-menopause, but because of them. Author’s Note: SEALMates is a stand-alone reverse harem with a mixture of romance, humor, and even suspense. If you've read Nanny for the SEALs and Wife to the SEALs, then you will see how the lives of Maite and Katie have developed over the years. There are multiple partner scenes, so make sure that not only is your Kindle ready, but you have a towel nearby too as you read this hot stand-alone HEA.
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