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Blackwood Academy: Paranormal Reverse Harem Academy Romance (The Blackwood Five Book 1) by Jesi Donovan
Publication Date: December 13, 2022
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What do you get when you add one witch and five demons? An unexpected pregnancy. Three weeks before I came to Blackwood Academy, I made a mistake. Some would say I made five. But what happens on the other side of the portal, stays on the other side of the portal. Until my five mistakes show up on the first day of class. Everybody at Blackwood already hates witches, but no one quite like them. Vale is a bully, intent on taking my power little by little. Nicodemus is a charming, handsome Devil that doesn’t know how to channel his dark energy for good. Ares and Slade, well, they're twins—the sweet one and the sadistic one. And to top it all off, Zephyrus Storm is my professor. I didn’t just make five mistakes across the portal, I crossbred two worlds that were never meant to intertwine. When the Blackwood Five find out I’m pregnant, everything changes. And when the students find out, all hell breaks loose. This baby will change the world; if it doesn’t kill me first.
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