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Rejected Moons Trilogy: Complete Reverse Harem Romance Series by J.L. Wilder
Publication Date: August 9, 2022
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Victor was the alpha mate of my dreams. Until he wanted to kill me. Under the inverse moon shifters can’t have babies. My pack thought I was going to be the first. They gave me the honor of mating our greatest hunter. When we found out who I really was, he rejected me. Now my own alpha mate and pack are hunting me. They will never stop. They blame me for what is wrong with our world. And no matter how far I run, I feel the alpha mate bond calling. I crave him as much as I hate him. When I meet an arrogant rogue wolf and a mysterious hybrid like me, I feel free from the shackles of my mate bond. The wolf stops at nothing to protect me. The hybrid knows my soul like it’s his own. These new mates protect me, pleasure me, and help this world feel less broken. Now, I’ll never let my alpha mate capture me. I am freed from the torture of wanting him. I’ll stop at nothing to destroy him Even if it means using the power of the dark moon. This collection contains all three novels of the Rejected Moons reverse harem romance series —Wolf Hunted, Wolf Bonded, and Moon Mated. 18+ Only.
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