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The Horthaw's Paramour: An erotic sci-fi forbidden love romance (Space Brothel) by Chloe Alice Balkin
Publication Date: September 15, 2022
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There’s no better way to make money on Verlain, the space brothel, than the Horthaw Barn — for anyone willing to be tied naked to a saw horse while wave after wave of alien soldiers satisfy their needs. In a single night, many women earn more than they’d make in a week. A lucky few earn a year’s worth. And a single (un)lucky lady is chosen to spend a year on the Horthaw Spaceship, have a baby for their leader, and earn enough that they never have to work again. Despite being an old pro at the Horthaw Barn, Emma never expected or wanted to be the Horthaw’s paramour. When a surprisingly intimate encounter with the second-in-command of the ship leads to her to be chosen, she’s not sure if his unusual behavior was meant to protect her or punish her. What she does know is the Horthaw have a proclivity for sharing, for preferring women who have already been taken by other, smaller, Horthaw. And the second-in-command doesn’t want to share this time. ★★★ The Horthaw’s Paramour is loaded with “man salsa”. You know what I’m talking about. First page to last page, all “man salsa”. If you’re not interested in an erotic romance novella that’s glued together with buckets of “man salsa” — or if you’re not sure or don’t want to admit to yourself what “man salsa” means — this probably isn’t the book for you. The Space Brothel universe includes triggers such as sex work, dub/non consent, breeding, lactation, body modification, and some absolutely bonkers alien "salsa dispensers".
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