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Chosen (The Chosen Saga Book 1) by Alicia S. Rivers
Publication Date: October 10, 2023
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Araiya Hill has planned for her twenty-first birthday for years. Growing up, she spent most of her life being invisible or doing chores to keep the status quo in her household. Now being official, she can enter the Choosing and finally get away if the goddess allows. Get away from her evil step sister who has been hell-bent on making Araiya’s life a living hell, and her stepfather, who wants to sell her off to further his career. While becoming a Chosen has always been her dream, it’s also wrapped in mystery. No one knows what comes after the ritual. The Chosen leave, and most never return. A select few will return home as disgraced with missing memories. Can she leave her mother and brother, the only two who love her, to get away from the two people hell-bent on ruing her? After the Choosing, her life takes a dive into the unknown. Will she pass initiation? Will her memories be wiped and sent back to be sold to the highest bidder? Will she finally be free to make her own choices? There is only one way through, which leads directly into the path of four unknown men. Goddess save her…
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