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Hidden Prophecy: Semester Three: Royal Academy (Royal Academy: Reverse Harem Book 3) by Kimberly Penny
Publication Date: November 8, 2022
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Since her death, Thelia has become a completely different person that her family and friends are trying to help her through. Now suffering from depression, self-doubt, low magic count, anxiety, and panic attacks, Thelia has to overcome these struggles while wearing a fake smile even though her mates can feel her. The enemies just won't stop coming out of the woodwork, but this time its a family member I've met before. My grandfather is trying to force me out of my relationships with my mates, telling me it’s for the greater good. Before I can deal with that family drama, I have to kick a school bullies ass for what she done to me, I have to meet with the supernatural council members before school starts in a month. On top of that, one of my mates tells me something big that I don't want to believe, but I have to accept even if my heart fucking breaks from it. It's my Sophomore year and I know for a fact this semester is going to be LONG. Especially when I become a new mother and I have to juggle my new son, my mates, and my school life. I have several choices to choose from, but how will I choose when my heart is still broken from one mate while the other 2 decide they will fight over me, which does NOT end well for me. All while dealing with my family affairs and getting my son situated with his new life. I have to remember what the fates told me... Well, that kind of blows up in my face when I find a hidden scroll that predicted the future thousands of years ago. But I’m clueless and lost as I try to figure out when it happens or if I am the one who saves us or do I need to find the real hero? This is Book 3 of 5 of a Pentalogy series Contains FM, 17+ Mature scenes, Adult Language, and hot steamy sex scenes. Read at your own discretion. For anyone who wants a sneak peek into the first page, head on over to my Instagram page and follow to listen to it. @kpenny_fiction_author
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