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Hidden Powers: Semester Two: (Royal Academy Series) (Royal Academy: Reverse Harem Book 2) by Kimberly Penny
Publication Date: August 21, 2022
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So much destruction and death are seen in my future. An unseen enemy comes to life and tries to capture my heart, my soul, and my life. He says I am his mate, and he is determined to be the only one. But how can that be possible when his father is always there, hiding in the shadows of my dreams? How do I live with the fact that my visions keep playing my mates’ deaths over and over again? I was once a normal supernatural woman, hiding in the world of humans until I got that golden ticket. Now I am Princess Thelia King Knight… Yeah, that’s right, I kept my adopted mother’s last name. That was one of my conditions for becoming the supernatural princess of Tennessee. Some people call me a hybrid, but secretly… I’m known as the Demi Goddess Princess. Last semester I confessed to my mate Luke Darktree that he’s not the only mate I have, and he was really okay with it. But now it’s time I sit down and have a one-on-one with Zorren Morningstar, Folas Berin, and Trizzin Shadepaw about it. Well, that one-on-one went horribly wrong. One avoids me, One hasn’t spoken to me in months, and I pushed the other one away. It might be for the best because I literally woke up to an old power coming back, and to a new one, that I have no clue how to handle. This semester is definitely going to be fun, especially when both sides of my powers want to come out and play a lot more. Oh, to top it off, I might have almost blown up one of my classes when a vision plays out that… Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself. My semester goal this time around is 1) To control my new powers as they keep manifesting. 2) Try to focus on schoolwork, and not get distracted this time. 3) And to save everyone at the Academy when the Fates decide my Life or death. Whatever they are in the mood for. The only problem is, who can me when I’m drowning in nothing but darkness? Who will finally be my mate, or will I only live a long broken life with Luke? Will my father’s enemy kill me like the prophecies show or will I finish what my father couldn’t?This is Book 2 of a complete series (trilogy). Contains FM, 17+ Mature scenes, Adult Language, blood and gore, and hot steamy sex. Read at your own discretion. My characters are people who you want to be but don't have the courage in the real world to be. We all want to get lost in the fantasy world of what ifs. What if I could be this person, or what if I was this type of person. Well, Thelia and her mates can be that get away for you from the real world. Please enjoy the reads, and know that I do keep an eye on my reviews and do take in consideration of how you all feel.

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