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Chaos & Carnage (Black Creek Book 4) by R.A. Smyth
Publication Date: October 1, 2022
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Blood will be shed. Lives will be lost. Freedom will be won. I might have my brother back, but Giovanni still runs free, and his alliance with the Grim Bastards is causing chaos in the streets of Black Creek. Now, more than ever, it is important for us to work as a team, but tensions are at an all time high. I keep hoping that their love for me will be enough to make these four men get along, but I’m beginning to think love might not be enough. With Dante and Enzo in hiding and the Rejects at the top of Giovanni’s radar, our situation has never been more dire. We have to act fast but it’s hard to know who to trust or who to go after when you’re being attacked from all sides. With a gun to our heads and a knife to our throats, every decision is life or death. It will be a miracle if we all make it out alive. Black Creek is a war zone. I can only hope it’s not also our burial ground. ***Chaos & Carnage is the fourth and final book in the Black Creek series, a dark contemporary gang-mafia reverse harem. This book will end in an HEA, after much angst and violence. Please see front of book for more information on trigger and content warnings.
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