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Courting Envy: A Sons of Satan Novel by Nova Blake
Publication Date: November 8, 2022
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Envy is like poison, even a drop can be your undoing. And Prince Lucien of the realm of Envy fed me more than just a drop when he dragged me to Hell. All the demons here are starving for something, and this particular circle of Hell seems to be fraying around the edges, barely held together by the Prince's dwindling control. Lucien might have thought that all he had to do was place a crown on my head and I'd magically unlock the powers of his realm, but I have a feeling it's not going to be that easy. Others have found out that I'm the key to controling this place too, and now they all want a piece of me. But I'm not a pawn. I'm a Queen. My life has been destroyed, but I won't let the seed of jealousy turn me into something that I'm not. Somehow, I'm going to have to find a way to claim this place as my own. Courting Envy is a novel in the multi-author shared world, Sons of Satan. Be sure to read all seven books for a hellishly good time
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