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Savage Planet Secret: A Science Fiction Romance LionMen Fantasy (Savage Planet Series Book 2) by Kassie Keegan
Publication Date: July 11, 2023
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She’s in love with them… … but remains secretly in the shadows. As evil stalks her Pride, will she reveal her hidden love too late? Vivian Warner has tracked her beloved bodyguard Coalition of strong, steady Kian, sexy and mysterious Shiro Takeo, and unpredictable berserker Marrok throughout the Galaxy. But now, they have returned to Lio HomeWorld to protect their Pride. Will she answer their Call to Mate? Handsome, quiet Blaze has joined her Lio’s Coalition. As Vivian investigates the intriguing man who Calls her to Mate, she finds he is much more than he seems. Will she permit the MateBond or leave them Bereft? Vivian leads her Coalition on a merry chase as they seek the delicious-scenting, frustratingly sneaky female they sense and need with every breath. When they discover a threat of imminent attack on their Pride, they must come together in seeking the secret identity of a betrayer hiding in their midst. Will she Claim her mates before the Secret destroys them? You’ll adore Savage Planet Secret because it’s overflowing with spicy romance where everyone falls in love with everyone while experiencing uncensored sensuality with a tantalizing happily ever after. BONUS CONTENT INCLUDED! Savage Planet secret includes beautiful, exclusive black and white illustrations of the Lio Heroes that enhance the reader's experience.
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