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Bride of Demonio: A Dark Paranormal RH (Kings of Terror Book 1) by Mae Royal
Publication Date: September 13, 2022
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Kings of Terror
One for misery.
Two for despair.
Three for the nightmare inside my head.
Four for the demons sleeping in my bed...

A woman like me has no soul to save.
I’m the shell of a corpse, my insides rotted and warped.

This life I’ve lived has been a mess of sorrow and secrets. It’s led to days spent pretending I’m normal and nights trying to find myself in a murky past I struggle to remember.

Little did I know, I never belonged amongst those with a conscience.

I’ve been marked by primeval sovereignty.

The monster in my closet and the apparitions watching me from darkened corners are no longer toeing the line between insanity and reality.

They're ready to claim what's theirs.

They want me to know how skin tastes when it’s between the teeth.
They want my body painted in blood, feeling pleasures I’ve never known.

I’m their relic with dead eyes and insatiable lust.

And once I give in to them, my demons will set me free and lay the world at my feet.

This is RH why choose romance with three love interests. Contains strong elements of horror and various content some may find objective. Reader discretion highly advised.

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