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Broken Limits (The Limit Book 3) by Marissa Farrar & S.R. Jones
Publication Date: October 13, 2022
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It’s all fun and games…until someone gets hurt. It was meant to be a game. A way of surviving and gaining some money, but somewhere along the line emotions got involved, and I lost all perspective. They did too. No matter what they might like to pretend, those four troubled men got as swept up in the dangerous allure as I did. They pushed me to my limits and beyond, but I pushed them, too. One of them couldn’t take it though, and our pact fell apart. I ran. I ran fast and far but instead of running to safety, I raced straight into the arms of danger. Who will save me now? Are they missing me? Do my broken, messed up men think about me as much as I think about them? My new captor thinks he holds all the cards, but my time on the island has taught me how to play his depraved games, and I will fight with all I have.
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