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The Secrecy of Ghosts (Mistress of Mayhem Book 5) by Trina M. Lee
Publication Date: February 24, 2023
Amazon Book Description

Nothing good comes without a price. Not when The Circle of the Veil is involved. I never expected to be given the role of team leader. Taking over as leader means that Nova is out. The Circle is going out of their way to keep him from me, which isn't going well for either of us. A lapse in control gets me assigned to an enforcer job like nothing I've taken on so far. A soul harvesting demon that's decided he wants mine too. While I'm busy fighting to save my soul, some of my men are fighting battles of their own. But one of them is keeping a secret that endangers us all.   Paranormal romance with action, magic, and multiple love interests. This is the final book in the Mistress of Mayhem series. Release date to be moved up.
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