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Quadruple Bet: An Age Gap Reverse Harem (Loved by Four Book 1)
Publication Date: March 7, 2023
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Four bodyguards were hired to protect my body, but not my heart. My bodyguards were cold-blooded killers, born to serve the Mikhailov family from birth. My father worried that I was a target, so he kept his princess locked up in a castle. Boris, Dmitri, Igor, and Konstantin were my bodyguards, and they all had special talents; from security to online hacking, and survival to fighting skills. I couldn’t help but notice that their eyes would linger on my body. They were with me through the long, lonely nights, and as they drank more, they decided to feast on their desires, and wedge a bet. It should have made me fear what was out there, but instead, I couldn’t wait to be in the clutches of these ruthless men. Who could make me scream the loudest? They were sworn to protect my body, but I worried they wouldn’t have the same standards for my heart…
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