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The Lord of the Keyes: A Reverse Harem of Magical Proportions (Submit For Salvation Book 2) by Amanda Faye
Publication Date: October 4, 2022
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I am The Lord Of The Keys. My duty is to my King and my King alone. Why then, am I suddenly craving the touch of my King’s human lover? Why do I dream about the softness of her hair and the hardness of his body?
Liam Ashwood, Lord of the Ashwater, the Vanquishing Prince, King of Argulthion bows to no man. So why am I desperate to have him on his knees before me?

Because I’ve been chosen by the Mother to save my King’s life and the life of the woman we both love.

I’ve already sworn myself to my kingdom.

Can I submit my soul to her too?

Not to mention our pet Dragon.

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