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Mafia Beasts: The Complete Series by Cassia Briar
Publication Date: October 25, 2022
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To save my brother, I make a deal that changes my life forever. Now I’m theirs. I belong to three cursed beasts who live in an enchanted mansion. Only this is no sweet fairytale. As I spend time with my captors, I begin to realize they are more than they appear. Their vampire leader, Zane, is as cunning as he is seductive. Lucas is a feral wolf shifter who calls to my soul. Cade, the terrifying and scarred Fae, has the gentlest of touches—when he’s not threatening to bury my body in the woods. They are certainly no Prince Charmings. But I’m not the naive, damsel in distress they think I am. I have my own secrets: Someone wants me dead, a stalker I can't shake, and a mysterious past. The longer I stay, the more I put everyone’s lives in danger. They may be my captors, but are they any match for the dark forces that hunt for me? Includes all four books following Emma and her men, plus bonus scenes. See author's website for content details. Recommended for readers 18+. The Mafia Beasts series is a twisted, spicy Beauty and the Beast inspired tale like you've never read before!
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