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Chaos Deals in Death: The Chaos Covenant - Book 2 by Kate Craft
Publication Date: September 2, 2022
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Would you step into fire, to save those you love?-------------------------------
Fantasy, romance, elemental magic...and a subtle hint of Arthurian mythology.

Here we go again...

Bereft of options and short on hope, Maya and Thelic are left reeling from the attack and a close betrayal. But with the coming war and the Seer's latest prophecy, they have little time to spare.

Thrust deeper into the world of chaos, they continue to hunt the territories for the remaining Gouram seals. But what is the cost of wielding such a power?

From the deserts of Kavakin to the icy mountains of the Southern Outlands, their constant enemies remain in desperate pursuit. Some may fall to this perilous quest, and soon the price of saving a world becomes all too clear. For in this realm, the chaos deals in nothing…but death.

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