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Vicious Kitten (The Insatiable Series Book 3) by Sarah JD
Publication Date: August 2, 2022
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I am Kitten. Hear me purr! Well, hellooo trouble! I thought you'd forgotten about me for a hot minute there. But of course, you were just lulling me into a false sense of security. How silly of me to think you wouldn’t come back with a vengeance! Secrets never stay secret. One way or another, they come out and bite you on the arse. Un-f%cking-fortunately for me, I have too many, which just means shit is about to get real. While I try to make a relationship work with my group of guys and my teacher from school, secret after secret gets exposed. Some I wanted to keep hidden, some I reveal as payback, and some that aren’t my secrets to tell but feel caught in the middle of. The problem with exposing other people's secrets is they don’t really like it. So naturally, the human monsters decide to get their revenge on me in the worst possible way. They think they can break me. They think they are playing with a helpless girl, but they are about to get a big f%cking surprise when they find out that this Kitten has turned vicious. The question is, am I vicious enough to get through what they have planned, or is my seventeen years of life about to come to an end? It’s a crippling realisation. For the first time in forever, I feel like I actually have something to lose. My guys. CONTENT WARNING It’s your Kitten speaking! Welcome back to the final instalment in my dark and depraved world. Once again, I’m here to give you a heads up! What you are about to read contains some serious triggers. Please take a moment to head across to Sarah JD's website to read the warning. It’s vital that you do and please take them seriously because things are about to get brutal! Quick!! Off you go! It’s super important!! Dadadaada Dadadaada Dadadaadaadaadadaada And you’re back!! YAY! Are you still here, ready to be consumed by my world one last time? Buckle up then Kitten’s. This ride is about to get bumpy!
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