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Stolen by Shadow Beasts: The Complete Collection by Lacey Carter Andersen
Publication Date: December 30, 2022
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Some things are beyond our control.
All my life I was nothing. Average. Forgotten and overlooked. And then a powerful fae claimed me as his mate, changing everything.

But death took him from me. And then an attack in the night left me a prisoner to the dangerous shadow beasts.

I thought that was the end of me. I had no idea it would be the beginning. The beginning of falling in love with dangerous shifters. The beginning of a war I never knew was taking place, but still, a war that could destroy our very world, pulling it into the shadow realm.

Once upon a time I was average, forgotten, and overlooked. But now? Now, I might be the answer to winning this war.

The thing is, all wars have losses. And after all my heartbreak, can I handle losing anything more?

Stolen by Shadow Beasts is a steamy reverse harem romance featuring sexy shadow beast shifters. It is the complete collection, including: Shifters’ Fae Captive, Shifters’ Secret Sin, and Shifters’ Lost Queen.

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