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Woven Souls (Broken Vows Book 2) by Salem Cross
Publication Date: October 21, 2022
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No wonder people are afraid of ghosts. They’ll stab you in the back with a twinkle in their eyes. My Ghosts are looking to repent, and I don’t know if I have a choice when it comes to forgiving them. Without their help, my enemies will find me. I’m fed up with pretending I’m some damsel in distress. In order to survive and keep my men safe, it’s time to come clean about my true nature. But on the heels of my revelation, information is uncovered that the Brotherhood my men have sworn their allegiance to may not be as righteous as they believed. In order to discover their true agenda, we’ll have to trust one another if we want to make it to Everlast in one piece. But how can I expect the men that I’m falling for to trust me when they learn that the secret I’ve been hiding goes against everything their Brotherhood stands for?
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