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Right Hands of Hades: Dark Motorcycle Gang Romance (Gods of DC- Trilogy Book 1) by C.A. Courtney
Publication Date: October 22, 2007
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She's a Billionaire...They've been hired to kill her. Cassie Posden is driven by her career and drive to succeed no matter the cost. She inherited billions when her father died, discovered a sister she never knew existed, realized her longtime fiancé was not who she thought he was, and oh yeah got kidnapped by the Right Hands of Hades, a motorcycle gang with a reputation for murder and mayhem, not to mention became the obsession of the Leader himself. Kane and Able walk a fine line between right and wrong. After years of undercover work that line is about to be obliterated. When they are tasked with one of the hardest jobs they have ever been given, they either have to walk away or blow their cover. When all Kane wants is revenge, and all Able wants is the girl, will the two be able to reconcile their differences long enough and work together to save her? Or will one of them end up dead? JB may be the missing puzzle piece in their quest, the savior they didn’t expect….if he doesn’t turn out to be Hades himself. Able is reckless Kane is ruined and JB is ruthless No one was promised a Happily Ever After…. Because this isn’t a Fairy Tale This is Hell
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