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How to Tame a Feral Alpha Pack: a reverse harem omegaverse romance by V. C. Lluxe
Publication Date: August 14, 2022
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I never wanted the life of an omega. But two weeks before my wedding to my beta fiancé, he shows up at the dive bar where I’m having my bachelorette party. He’s an alpha. He works an oil rig. Three months on, six weeks off. He smells like lust and bourbon, and he crowds me into a dark corner and runs his nose up and down my neck. “Just sex, omega. You in or not?” Not. Definitely not. He’s a pack leader, right? There are four of them all together. Four gritty, vulgar, coarse alphas, with dirty fingernails and tattoos and clingy, stained tank tops. They start bar fights. They’ve all been to prison. Him? His stint was for an illegal pair bond. That’s right. He couldn’t mate me if he wanted, because he’s already mated to another omega, one he’s estranged from, one who wants nothing to do with him. Ruining my life for the chance to be used by four half-wild alphas is insane, especially because there’s nowhere for it to go. In six weeks, they go back to their offshore rig, and they can’t bond me anyway, even if I wanted it. (Which I don’t. Of course I don’t want that.) But the thing is? Ever since I scented them, I seem to have lost my mind. This contemporary non-shifter omegaverse standalone contains polyamorous characters who aren’t the least bit picky about what’s between their partners' thighs. Expect same sex pairings, both m/m and f/f (yes, one of the alphas is a girl ;) ... you know you're curious) and group dynamics.
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