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Blaze (With the Shadows Book 2) by Delilah Mohan
Publication Date: August 9, 2022
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I've fallen from grace and right into the hands of sin. We were fugitives. But weren’t we always? With Warren trapped as an untamed beast, things get dicey for my crew as we navigate an escape from the ambush at the government building. It wasn’t as simple as just getting free. Not when there was a traitor in the midst, feeding the government information on us, sabotaging our plans. Without many options, I blindly followed Warren, Ansel, and Rex to safety. Though my body was physically safe, just how safe was I from them? In the short time since knowing them, everything was changing. The cravings for the mutants became nearly unmanageable. Who was I to fight against the lust, knowing these men were my only weakness? My desire to prove my worth to one very stubborn Alpha caused me to disobey his direct orders. The result had me walking right into danger. I was a government trained assassin, a killer, a professional hit woman and I would do anything to protect the mutant men I’ve come to adore. Even if it cost me my life. And my life might just be the price to pay for disobeying the Alpha.
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