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Devilish Deals Make Midnight Squeal: A Why Choose Romance (Midnight Arcanum Academy Book 4) by Rae Stapleton
Publication Date: September 26, 2022
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One magical night that no one seems to remember… is about to change our lives forever. But just how permanent is a deal with the Crossroads Queen?
And why do pickles suddenly taste so good with ice cream?

Seems like just yesterday, the boys were schooling me in forensic science at the Arcanum Academy, now we’re too busy hiding our own chemistry to study it.

It all started with an assignment for the Council. Next thing I know, Headquarters is overrun with reports of unprovoked shifter attacks. Then HQ is attacked and looted, and now some very powerful magical relics are missing.

Who could be behind this?

All magical trails lead to a family reunion that nobody wants. A new underground club for supernaturals has opened and it’s run by dragons but is Bodhi’s brother in league with the devil? Or rather, is he in league with the devil’s number one sales rep.

As the newest and only female member of the team, I’m forced to investigate. Going undercover in a strip club run by the dragon mafia is risqué and risky especially when the boss seems to share a past with three of my boys. Thankfully, Colten volunteers to join me, playing his part in a nasty game of blood sport.

And as if that’s not enough, Lou’s luck has turned. His no-good daddy is back in town and the devil is after his soul.

One bad roll of the dice could take us all down.

Would you sign a Soul Contract if it saved someone you loved?

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