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Fae Rebel Academy: Once Upon a Faerie by Violet Fox
Publication Date: June 25, 2022
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Vampires may rule this world. But they will never rule me. In this cruel, cutthroat world of supernaturals, what’s a helpless little faerie to do? Broke and homeless, my sister and I have plans for a fresh start. But that’s all ripped away when I’m caught stealing and sent to the notorious reform school for rebellious fae. Fae Rebel Academy is my worst nightmare. The vampires are drawn to my rare and special blood. The dean—a vampire prince—wants to keep me for himself, but I refuse to give in to that beast. Though between him and his broody werewolf bodyguard, I might not have a choice. The only person I feel safe with is Drystan, but that might be a mistake. He hates the vampires as much as I do, but he’s not nearly as afraid of them as he should be. Drystan talks about the coming rebellion as if it’s already here. When the fae rise against the vampires, Fae Rebel Academy will become a battlefield. I need to get out of here before that happens. My sister is out there somewhere, and I need to find her before it’s too late. I need to find her before she becomes a vampire’s snack. This is a medium-burn romance with an FMC with multiple love interests. Best suited for mature readers. All characters are over the age of 21. There will be slow-burn MM too.
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