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Hidden Royalty: Semester One (Royal Academy: Reverse Harem Book 1) by Kimberly Penny
Publication Date: July 6, 2022
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Who knew getting your name drawn will change your life? Not me that’s for sure. I live a normal day-to-day life as I work to help my family. My life was going great until the Royal Academy came to collect. The Royal Academy is an all-out Princess and Prince school for the supernatural, that’s hidden amongst the humans, but I already knew that. Now enrolling as a human student, in a world of magic and other creatures I’ve yet to see, let’s hope this goes smoothly before everything blows up. Here’s my Semester goal list, 1: To stay invisible, 2: Keep my secrets hidden, and 3: Try to not use my powers. Well, that’s going to be impossible when I attracted the school’s most popular, most deadly, drop-dead gorgeous Royal Princes. Prince Folas Biren, Prince Luke Darktree, and Prince Zorren Morningstar, and let’s not forget their girlfriends. Oh, to top everything off, the King and Queen of the Academy, tell me that I’m their long-lost daughter. Yeah, I didn’t take that well. I just need to get through this first year without a hitch, without the princes uncovering my secrets, and without my birth parents’ enemies killing me. Will the Princes succeed? Will the King and Queen’s enemy/s finish what they started? Or will I die in the process from my emotions taking over? This is Book 1 of a complete series (trilogy). Contains FM, 17+ Mature scenes, and Adult Language.
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