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Healing Butcher by SarahMal
Publication Date: June 12, 2022
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The fall of humanity was bitter, I loved my life during that era but it had long passed. Now the once bustling human cities were covered in ivy and vine on their buildings. Works of architecture were brought to life with living foliage. All the centuries I’ve lived, this has been the most beautiful of them all. As the daughter of fallen kingdoms, I've hidden beyond the veil for almost 300 years with my aunt but fate has a funny way of forcing you to bend to its commands. New hunters, predators and memories of our past collide creating a typhoon of changes. The line between predator and prey, enemy and ally seems to constantly be blurred as my life becomes more turbulent than the few hundred years I spent hiding. Sometimes tough choices have to be made and what we thought was meant to be turns out to be completely different than both our wildest dreams and nightmares could fathom. The following original content contains graphic violence, explicit language, explicit sexual content, and mental breakdowns. This book is intended for adult audiences. The characters are on a developmental journey. Each novel is currently a standalone, happy ending, no cliffhangers. Reverse Harem
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