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Justice and Her League: Reverse Harem, Fast Burn Romance (Demigods Trilogy Book 1) by TJ Bell
Publication Date: August 26, 2022
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My name is Justice, and yeah, I’m a demigod.So far as I can tell, that status isn’t all that impressive. I’m supposed to have magical powers, but all I’ve ever done is accidentally kill my mother. The only thing I have going for me is that I’m stronger, with sharper senses, than most humans. I’ve managed to turn those traits into something useful: I kill bad guys for a living. So long as I avoid those pesky human authorities (they aren’t keen on vigilante justice) and don’t get killed myself, I figure I’m winning. Until I run into them. Ajax, Malcolm, and Rafe. Ajax is quiet, reserved, stronger than anyone I know. Malcolm is the laidback Southern boy always looking for a good time. Rafe is the wise one, the one who sees too much … and has too many secrets. They are three outrageously sexy demigods. Who happen to be my fated mates. Hell, I didn’t think I’d ever find one, let alone three. Despite all our differences, it works. Well, the steamy part of our relationship, anyway. The rest? Not so much. As it turns out, I’ve mated with three altruistic men, and they aren’t willing to allow me to continue on with my vigilante ways. They say we’re a team now and we have to work together. But I’ve always worked alone. Justice & her League is the first book in the Demigods Trilogy. It is intended for mature audiences: 18+ readers only! It contains adult language and sexual situations. This is a fast burn reverse harem romance where the girl gets all the guys. Why choose?
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