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Tainted Kitten (The Insatiable Series Book 2) by Sarah JD
Publication Date: June 21, 2022
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I am Kitten. Feel my Claws! The insatiable cravings that control my life have well and truly thrown me into a clusterf%ck of epic proportions! Why didn’t I see this coming? Why didn’t I just walk away when I had the chance? I’ve put myself in less than ideal situations before, but never could I imagine this! Having the choice taken from me. Having my pleas ignored. Having my addiction taken advantage of to the extreme. Having the one place I could be myself turned into a place of nightmares. While I try to pretend it didn’t happen, my old foster parents make good on their threats, and in the midst of a Halloween party, my childhood secrets are exposed. It would be so easy to leave this life. Leave the daily chaos that taunts me. But then, I’d have to leave them. Five guys who are fighting for me, wanting to share me, and quickly showing me what it’s like to be loved. Is it enough, though? Can their love for me outweigh the human monsters in this world working so hard to ruin me? One thing I know for sure. Each time someone tries to destroy me, my claws get a little sharper. CONTENT WARNING It’s your Kitten speaking! Welcome back to my dark and depraved world. Once again, I’m here to give you a heads up! What you are about to read contains some serious triggers. Please take a moment to head across to Sarah JD's website to read the warning. Quick!! Off you go! It’s super important!! Dadadaada Dadadaada Dadadaadaadaadadaada And you’re back!! YAY! Did that interest you even more? If so, then girl! We should be friends! You are my people! Like the first instalment of my story, it will likely make you cry, laugh, get angry, and of course, I’ll continue to edge you until you need to take a cold shower. I am your Kitten, after all! So sit back, re-charge your Big Jim’s, Little Jim’s, and Peter Rabbit’s, and prepare for another Kitten rollercoaster!
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