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Reaper's Rise (The Arcana Pack Chronicles Book 8) by Emilia Hartley
Publication Date: June 20, 2022
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Ghosts without souls are terrifying. Missing threads of fate are even more so. Still, I’m almost glad Maddox caught a case involving both—it means I get to see him again. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to explain that I didn’t turn him into a monster. Well, I guess I am partly responsible for him getting changed into a sort of undead wolf shifter. Some people would call that a monster. (My ancestor—the goddess Hel—keeps telling me to put the “unnatural creature” down.) But I didn’t make Maddox a killer. Honest. That murdering colleague of his was already dead when I undid the magic that was tethering him to a life past his expiration date. He’d have disintegrated whether Maddox crashed into him or not. No, Maddox isn’t a monster, not by a long shot. I’m sure of it, even if the mutilated, soulless ghosts squeal about a white wolf. Even if my interfering ancestor insists he’s going to cause the end of the world. I don’t believe it. Neither Maddox nor his wolf has an evil bone in his body. They wouldn’t do any of this. There has to be another explanation. I have to find that explanation before reality as we know it unravels even more. Maybe then, Maddox will realize I didn’t mean to hurt him by dragging him into my world. Maybe then, he will forgive me. If you like romances with strong, sassy heroines and sexy shifter heroes, you’ll love this book. Reaper’s Rise is the second full-length book in Addie and Maddox’s story—and the eighth book in the Arcana Pack Chronicles. Recommended for lovers of romance, magic, and mystery who are at least 18 (for language and sexual content).
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