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Three Wicked Bears: Fairytales with a Twist
Publication Date: March 3, 2023
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I was lost in the woods–hungry, tired, and scared. I stumbled upon a house and knocked, but no one was home. Then I did the unthinkable, the biggest mistake of my life, I broke in. What I didn’t know then was that this house belongs to three ruthless bear shifters. I’ve angered them and they are determined to make me pay. So, they give me a choice. Either they kill me now or I become theirs. For three months, because of my three crimes, I’m their captive. I should be terrified of them, and I am, but I can’t ignore the tingling sensations when they’re near. Or how their intense gazes lure me in. If I’m not careful, I may never be free of them. Three Wicked Bears is part of the Fairytales with a Twist multi-author series. Expect dark retellings of your favorite fairytales. Please see the author's website for content information.
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