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Dragon's Divulgence (Shifters of the Golden Flames Book 2) by Mazzy J. March
Publication Date: July 26, 2022
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Every girl’s dream turned nightmare. Not that I’d had a lot of dreams, but I’d somehow thought if I ever did have a mate it would be one I actually chose —or who I had a choice whether to accept. Someone kind, loving, someone who is not one of the ruling class who treats everyone else like the lessers they are. Instead? I end up with three highers, and nobody asked me if I wanted them. And just because I tried to leave I have been confined in their suite until I see the light. A suite filled with luxury and instead of working all day, I am a lady of leisure. Even if I haven’t yet agreed to mate them. Okay, so they aren’t that bad. They’re actually growing on me. The thing is, all I want is freedom. There’s no way I can have independence with these three pains in the dragon’s ass keeping me hostage. Not to mention, the mountain around us, well, something is happening to it. I swear I saw it glowing and breathing as though it were alive. They won’t let me out, and I’m determined not to let them weasel their way in. No one wins. Not in this game Dragon Divulgence is book 2 in the brand new Shifters of the Golden Flame series by Mazzy J. March. It features a dragon shifter whose life is not her own. Sent to live with strangers as a young child, her entire future is laid out in ways she does not want or understand. And with the alarming changes happening in the mountain where the dragons make their home…is their very world about to collapse?
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