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Dragon Witch: Penny Falls Book 2 by Eileen Waite
Publication Date: June 25, 2022
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What do you get when you cross a true mate with someone who doesn’t want you, and a witch who shouldn’t exist and now has an extra gift on top of her already bizarre magic? Me. That’s what. You. Get. Me. Running for my life didn’t go exactly as I’d planned, and now I’m not only back at square one but I’m also more alone than I’ve ever been before. With a dragon living in my head, magic unleashed that I can’t use, and a countdown on my time left alive…I’m not so sure I have a way out of this one. So, what do you get when a Voodoo witch with a dragon mate is being held captive with no way out, and has a bleak looking future with no tea in sight? Me. It's always blooming me.
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