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Raising Hel: A Misfit Gods Story by Sage Winston
Publication Date: October 31, 2022
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The death of Odin released us all... I'd thought that being released from the violent realm of death I'd been banished to would lead to answers and freedom. Why was it then that I now had more questions than ever? Why did I feel leashed and bound by the responsibilities I'd left behind? Just as I was finding my way in the realm of man, growing close to the sister I had never known, my past comes back to haunt me. Now I have to rely on the help of the two responsible for my banishment so that the souls of the damned don't come back to destroy the worlds. I may not like them, but their ability to see all will lead us to new places and new friends. I'll have to accept that maybe our destinies are meant to be entwined, and that together we can make a brighter future. I won't go quietly into the night this time. I won't allow my new connections to be torn asunder by death and darkness. This time I would take a stand. This time I would Raising Hel. This is a standalone reverse harem that is part of the Misfit Gods universe. There will be new twists on both Norse and Greek mythology, and some of our favorite gods just might make an appearance. Hel's story can be read on its own, but may be enjoyed more if read after Fenrir Unleashed. If you enjoy a dark, kick-ass heroine with a fated mate outside of her pantheon along with a heaping helping of an enemies-to-lovers romance, then Raising Hel is for you!
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