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The Lost Alpha Queen: A Reverse Harem Wolf Shifter Romance (The Blackwood Devils Wolf Pack Book 1) by Kim Tyack
Publication Date: June 2, 2022
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My name is Rebekah and my life is a lie. I was just an ordinary girl ready to celebrate my 18th birthday, that is until an encounter at school caused me to shift into a white wolf. Just as I’m starting to come into my powers, my beloved Nanny dies, and I’m forced to take my rightful place as Alpha Queen. A rogue pack is trying to take my title and my mates and as I fight for what is rightfully mine, I realize that the disagreement between the two packs is bigger than originally thought. Will my mates and I come through at the end or will the pack of rogues succeed? Please be advised. This is a reverse harem romance, meaning the heroine does not have to pick between her love interests. There are also hints of male-on-male relations in this book. This is a slow burn romance, meaning if you want all the spicy scenes then this book isn’t for you. This book contains acts of violence, which are explicitly described, and there is also an excessive use of swear words.
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