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The Black Opal (The Genie Whisperer Season One: A Clean Reverse Harem Romance Book 6) by Nicole Eatough
Publication Date: October 10, 2022
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Now that Ali has saved all the McMichael genies Tavor wanted her to, she must turn her mind to her next challenge—normal life and her mother. Unless Ali can juggle school, work, and placating her mom, she's in danger of losing everything she's fought to obtain. Except . . . where is her mother? Ethan McMichael has lurked in the background as Ali has obtained each of her genie roommates. Now that he's discovered who Ali is, he's done lurking. He's concocted a plan not only to lure her away from her protective genies, but one he believes will convince her to hand them all over. After all, what child wouldn't sacrifice everything to save their parents? The Genie Whisperer is a serial reverse harem with multiple competing love interests. Ali will only end up with one guy, but each main love interest will get his own ending at the end of the series. The first season contains six episodes, each introducing another love interest. Each episode is between 80 and 120 pages. An episode will be released every two weeks and the entire first season is available for preorder! The Imperial Topaz (Episode One) – August 1st The Ruby (Episode Two) – August 15th The Aquamarine (Episode Three) – August 29th The Diamonds (Episode Four) – September 12th The Sapphire (Episode Five) – September 26th The Black Opal (Episode Six) – October 10th *This series is the equivalent of a mild T or pg-13 rating for some violence and romantic situations.
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