Claimed by Shifters (Hate to Love Fae Book 2) by J.L.  Wilder

Claimed by Shifters (Hate to Love Fae Book 2) by J.L. Wilder

Rejected, abandoned, tortured… what’s next?And who will protect the babies in my womb?

As a hybrid, I thought there was no place for me.
Until three shifter brothers found me and claimed me as their own.
A tattoo-covered bear who delighted in my torment;
A dragon that consumed me with his heat;
And a wolf who knew the part of me I kept hidden.

When they finally learned to trust me,
is when I led them into the belly of the beast.
Now the fae want every drop of their blood;
and these babies inside me, may never know their fathers.

There is only one way out of this.
I need to make an alliance with my enemy;
The monster in the cell adjacent to mine.

Monsters are toxic, but this one draws me to him like a moth to a flame.
And there’s something about how forbidden he is that makes me want him more.

I just hope my mates can forgive me for putting us in danger,
because maybe the only monster we are all running from is me…..

18+ Only. Second book in the Hate to Love Fae series. Don’t worry.. this reverse harem romance contains no cheating… but there is a mild cliff!