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Reaper's Awakening (The Arcana Pack Chronicles Book 7) by Emilia Hartley
Publication Date: June 4, 2022
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The dead woman looks so much like me, she could be my sister, but that’s not the thing that scares me the most.She’s also missing her soul. I don’t usually like dealing with ghosts of the recently murdered. They demand too much. But in this case, I wish I could find one. The creepy absence of anything is freaking me out. So much for this being a relaxing hike. I have to report what I’ve found, of course. And naturally, the sexy detective who shows up to investigate thinks I had something to do with this woman’s demise. After all, even someone with no knowledge of the magical world can sense the death that hangs around me. I don’t just see ghosts, after all. I can also reanimate and even resurrect things that have died. And I do it by pulling the life from things around me. Not that I can explain any of that to this stern, but gorgeous officer of the law. He’s clearly pure human, with no arcana—no magic—at all. I worry a little about how he’s going to handle himself with this killer. He obviously has no idea what he’s just stumbled into. Anyone who can destroy a soul, not just a body, is more from my world than from his. And whoever it is seems to be after people who look—and maybe are—like me. That frightens me almost as much as my own arcana does. If you like romances with strong, sassy heroines and sexy shifter heroes, you’ll love this book. Reaper's Awakening is the first full-length book in Addie and Maddox’s story—and the seventh book in the Arcana Pack Chronicles. Recommended for lovers of romance, magic, and mystery who are at least 18 (for language and sexual content).
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