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Pack Possessed (Thrown to the Wolves Book 4) by J. Kearston
Publication Date: June 16, 2022
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You can't outrun your demons, but you sure as hell can give them a run for their money. The monster that's tormented us from the shadows has finally stepped into the light, and he has his sights set on me. But discovering that my entire life has been orchestrated as a twisted form of training to help him literally unleash Hell on earth? Not exactly my idea of a romantic gesture. There's an invisible noose around our necks, tightening more with every passing day, every saccharine smile Ash sends my way. He may have had centuries to put his plans in place, but he underestimates the depth of my spite, the lengths I'm willing to go to protect what's mine. You don't die for the people you love, you live for them. And unfortunately for Ash, he forgot to take the most important variable into account when making his plans; me. The thing even Nightmares fear.
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