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Monster Girl Awakened : Academy of Magic Book Two (Academy Of Magic Books 2) by Anne Hall
Publication Date: December 11, 2022
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Blurb After the chaos of my first term at the Academy, I can’t help but wonder what the universe has in store for me this time around, will it be a persistent ghost? Gut twisting murders? Chaotic classes, and unhinged magic? Oh wait, that’s right, I’ve already survived all of that. As I attempt to unravel the mystery behind all that has happened, and learn more about my own magic, at least I know I have a ton of people—and one sassy familiar—at my side. So bring it on, universe… Monster Girl Awakened is the second book in a why choose romance trilogy and is set in the shared Supernatural Realm that Willow and her men are a part of. It’s a full length book with a 135k word count. This book is a slow burn; why choose romance(which means the MFC will not have to choose between her love interests) It is a PNR book series that must be read in order, and is full of magic, mayhem and a slightly crazy main female character. Though there may be some bumps along the way, this series will end in a HEA (Happy ever after). Sexual themes are suitable for +18.
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