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Beautiful Agony (Music City Diaries Book 1) by Kris Butler
Publication Date: August 5, 2022
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You might think you know me, but you don't.Motorcycles, burly men, and danger were all part of my childhood. Growing up in the Maverick’s—Mississippi’s biggest and toughest motorcycle club—was different than most of the girls at school, but I loved every minute of it. So much, that my goal was to join the ranks when I was of age. When I passed Maverick Culling Defense, my dad’s program to become a Maverick, I thought my life was finally beginning. Turned out, being a twenty-year-old virgin was the least of my worries. When my life took a massive shift in a direction I never saw coming, I was left with a brokenness that consumed me. Could I turn this utter agony around into something beautiful? Or was I destined to always be that broken girl, afraid of her shadow? This is a prequel for Darcie, from the Tattooed Hearts series. You do not need to read those before reading this as this book takes place beforehand. There will be some overlap, so like always, reading both will enhance your story experience. This series will be a why-choose romance, meaning Darcie will not have to settle for one dessert. The beginning of her story is dark, and this book contains content warnings for sexual assault and rape. Please be advised before reading. This story is intended for readers 18+ due to the language and content. This book does end on a cliffhanger.
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