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Disclosure Lines (Orders to Haunt Book 1) by Emma Penny
Publication Date: July 19, 2022
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FROM EXCITING ROMANCE AUTHOR EMMA PENNY A REVERSE HAREM ROMANCE Book one in the Orders to Haunt series Shattered by one woman, will it be another who can fix their friendship? Stephanie is newly inducted into The Order, and, as a ghost with a mission to prove herself worthy of the title, she takes the orders to haunt seriously. Tackling four human men in her first assignment is terrifying, but she’s determined to sway them by any means necessary. Wyatt, Tyler, Colin and Dustin have been best friends from birth, but when a catastrophic event tears them apart, none of them knows how to fix it—or if they even want to. With their lives out of sorts, will they trust that a woman can bring them back together? Only a master communicator can wield the lines of disclosure.
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