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Rough Love: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance: The Trichotomy of New York Book 1 by Bex Dawn
Publication Date: September 17, 2022
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This is the first full-length book in The Trichotomy of New York series. Please read the Novella Prequel Violet Craves first! One night. No names. No numbers. Only a safeword, the three men of my dreams, and me. I knew the terms of our agreement before we began, I really did. I honestly thought that one night with them would be enough. But all that did was give me a taste. One tiny little taste of everything I had ever wanted and more. Then, they walked out on me without even a goodbye. Little do they know that in their haste to run from me, they let their secrets slide. They tried to keep their identity hidden from me but now I know who they are. Renz, Isaac, and Elijah. The men I’ve lusted after for far too long. The men who woke me up and brought me back to life. They see themselves as dangerous, ruthless killers who are meant to live their lives alone. I see them for who they really are. Three damaged, broken, sexy as sin men who continually pull me into their world. The guys pushed me away to keep me safe from their enemies. But little did they know that I was far safer with them than without. They call themselves The Trichotomy of New York and they are the Italian Mafia. *This is a mafia dark romance where the girl will end up with multiple love interests and all of the characters are in their late twenties, early thirties. TW: this series features gangs, sexually explicit content, violence, dark romance, and jealous/possessive themes.
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